Finishing Touch: Discover Flawless All-Day Makeup with Our Perfect Powder

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Inspiration:🤵 Wondering about your bubble tea preference?👧 Opting for a White Peach, extra ice, less sugar, and a matcha macaron.👧🏻 Hmm, I'll go for a Sparkling Orange, please. When was the last time you hung out with friends a...
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Details: Crafted with a powder formula, these pressed powder highlighters are meticulously designed to sculpt and illuminate your face, imparting a luminous and long-lasting glow to the skin. Ingredients: Infused with a blend o...
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INSPIRATION: The Angelic Horse, known as Tianma in Chinese, stands as one of the auspicious beasts that once guarded ancient palaces. The new compact design embodies the essence of this spiritual creature—noble, sacred, and agi...
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 Cupid Series Shimmer Highlighting Powder

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