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 Limited-Edition Enchanting Egypt Lipstick Collection
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Natural Lemon Makeup Remover
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Highlights: Experience the simplicity of application! This versatile 2-in-1 eyeshadow stick effortlessly provides both easy application and vibrant, long-lasting colors, serving as both eyeshadow and cream highlighter. Compact ...
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Free Gravity Light Lip Glaze
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Highlight: Indulge in a delicate creamy texture for a silky-smooth experience. Benefit from strong concealer properties, allowing for a light and breathable makeup application. Enjoy makeup that stays oil-controlled for 12 hou...
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Highlight: Versatile Color Blending: Easily blend colors according to your preference. Creamy, Moist, and Fine Texture: Experience a creamy, moist texture that is finely crafted for effortless application. Enric...
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Product Inspiration: Our liquid eyeshadow highlighter boasts a luxuriously smooth texture. Beyond that, the shimmering liquid eyeshadows present a spectrum of rich and captivating colors. They skillfully accentuate the eye con...
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Inspiration:🤵 Wondering about your bubble tea preference?👧 Opting for a White Peach, extra ice, less sugar, and a matcha macaron.👧🏻 Hmm, I'll go for a Sparkling Orange, please. When was the last time you hung out with friends a...
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Lip Highlight: Immerse yourself in the luxurious sensation as it effortlessly melts onto your lips, akin to a soft mousse embracing every contour. The Melt-on-lip, air-mist makeup unveils a light, soft, and glutinous ...
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INSPIRATION: The Angelic Horse, known as Tianma in Chinese, stands as one of the auspicious beasts that once guarded ancient palaces. The new compact design embodies the essence of this spiritual creature—noble, sacred, and agi...
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Lip Highlight: Cream to Matte Elegance Indulge in the transformative journey from cream to matte with our Melt-on-lip, air-mist makeup sensation. The light, soft, and glutinous texture offers a cream-like silky smooth...
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Experience dual-purpose beauty with our latest innovation: "LIP MUD" Embrace a soft, glutinous clay texture that is smooth and non-drying. "LIP SERUM" Indulge in a moisture-rich, non-oily formula that leaves your lips feeling s...
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