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Natural Lemon Makeup Remover
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Highlight: Indulge in a delicate creamy texture for a silky-smooth experience. Benefit from strong concealer properties, allowing for a light and breathable makeup application. Enjoy makeup that stays oil-controlled for 12 hou...
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Inspiration:🤵 Wondering about your bubble tea preference?👧 Opting for a White Peach, extra ice, less sugar, and a matcha macaron.👧🏻 Hmm, I'll go for a Sparkling Orange, please. When was the last time you hung out with friends a...
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Highlight: Versatile Color Blending: Easily blend colors according to your preference. Creamy, Moist, and Fine Texture: Experience a creamy, moist texture that is finely crafted for effortless application. Enric...
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Details: Crafted with a powder formula, these pressed powder highlighters are meticulously designed to sculpt and illuminate your face, imparting a luminous and long-lasting glow to the skin. Ingredients: Infused with a blend o...
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INSPIRATION: The Angelic Horse, known as Tianma in Chinese, stands as one of the auspicious beasts that once guarded ancient palaces. The new compact design embodies the essence of this spiritual creature—noble, sacred, and agi...
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Highlight:  Indulge in the refreshing and silky texture of our Snow Gauze Lotion. Achieve a radiant, watery nude skin effect with a light and subtle makeup application. Multiple Essence Additions: Embrace the antioxidant be...
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🍫 ZEESEA Dessert Collection 🍨 Drawing inspiration from slender biscuit sticks dipped in velvety chocolate and adorned with sweet sugar beads. What it is: An ultra-high coverage liquid concealer offering moisturizing effects and...
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MULTI-EFFECT ISOLATION CREAM Blurring Pores Nourish and Moisturize Isolation Pollution Improve Skin Tone Modified Defects Antioxidant and not easy to dull Highlights: Prepare your skin for flawless makeup application while ad...
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 Cupid Series Shimmer Highlighting Powder
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Rosette Nebula Brush Set
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Description: In collaboration with the British Museum, Zeesea has developed the Enchanting Egypt Eyeshadow Palette collection, which is the brand’s largest eyeshadow palette ever. This series is inspired by ancient Egy...
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